Taser Bolt/Pulse Live Cartridges [37215]

Taser Bolt/Pulse Live Cartridges 2-Pack [37215]

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Taser Bolt/Pulse Live Cartridges 2-Pack [37215]
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Taser Bolt/Pulse Live Cartridges 2-Pack [37215]
Taser C2 Air Cartridge 0-15' Range Replacement For Both Taser Pulse and Taser Bolt 2-Pack [37215]

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  • Model: 37215
  • MPN: 37215
  • UPC: 796430372151

Taser Bolt/Pulse Live Cartridges [37215]

Replacement/Refill cartridges for the Taser Black Cartridges. Contains two Live 15ft. range cartridges. They contain a primer, gas capsule, probes, serialized tags and conductive wires.

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UPC: 796430372151
MPN: 37215
Class: Personal Protection
Make: Bolt/Pulse/Pulse+ Cartridges
Series: Live Cartridges
Size: 2 Pack
Weight: 1.32 oz
Range: 15 ft
Repels: Attacker
Material: Polymer
Other Ingredient: Black
Color: Black
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