Birchwood Casey EZE-Scorer 12in Paper Targets [37213]

Birchwood Casey EZE-Scorer 12in Paper Targets 13-P

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Birchwood Casey EZE-Scorer 12in Paper Targets 13-Pack [37213]
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  • Model: 37213
  • MPN: 37213
  • UPC: 029057372137

Birchwood Casey EZE-Scorer 12in Paper Targets [37213] - Shop Ammo Freedom for all your Shooting Supplies and Targets. Browse our selection of Targets and more.

Eze-Scorer Paper Targets offer simple and effective target shooting to sight-in your firearms. They are economical and great for indoor or outdoor ranges.This target features a sight-in grid with a center bull's-eye and a small crosshair in each corner. It comes in a pack of 13.

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UPC: 029057372137
MPN: 37213
Class: Targets
Make: EZE-Scorer
Series: Sight-In
Size: 12" x 12"
Quantity: 13 Pack
Material: Paper
Illustration: Bullseye
Ammo Type: All
Auto Resetting: No
Impact Enhancement: None
Enhancement Color: Hanging
Mount Type: Hanging
Target Color: Black/White
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