Birchwood Casey Sharpshooter Plastic IPSC Target [38459]

Birchwood Casey Sharpshooter Plastic IPSC Target [

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Birchwood Casey Sharpshooter Plastic IPSC Target [38459]
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  • Model: 38459
  • MPN: 38459
  • UPC: 029057384598

Birchwood Casey Sharpshooter Plastic IPSC Target [38459] - Shop Ammo Freedom for all your Shooting Supplies and Targets. Browse our selection of Targets and more.

Birchwood's Sharpshooter IPSC Practice Target is based on a standard IPSC target. The durable, corrugated plastic construction keeps the target unaffected by rain and the elements. The scoring zones of the target are marked and outlined with light perforated lines. This target is brown on one side and white on the other, representing a classic shoot/no-shoot scenario.

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UPC: 029057384598
MPN: 38459
Class: Targets
Make: Sharpshooter
Series: Plastic IPSC
Size: 18" x 29.9"
Quantity: 1
Material: Plastic
Illustration: Silhouette
Ammo Type: .22-.50
Auto Resetting: No
Impact Enhancement: None
Enhancement Color: None
Target Color: Brown/White
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